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Free concert is back at Palomar

Thumbs up: Palomar Performing Arts.

Starting on Feb. 22, a series of presentations in the Howard Brubeck Theatre, an excellent opportunity for students who love music but can’t afford the price of concert tickets.

Having a break from your assignments can be helpful, and if you’re already at the college, it could be perfect. This 50 minute presentation is an excellent opportunity to relax a little and enjoy a live performance for free. Even if you’re not familiar with some of the artists, it is a chance to explore something new.

But for the students performing, it is more than this because some are performing at Palomar for the first time. And especially with how difficult it can be to work on your major and have real experience outside of the classroom to display your skills. This experience can mean a lot for the performers and for the audience as well.

With the events happening every Tuesday, students can choose which performance to attend. You can view the calendar here. And if you’re worried about the parking lot, it’s free during the concert.


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