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Snacks, scantrons, and more – Palomar’s student activity card is worth it.

From free snacks to study supplies, Palomar’s student activity card is definitely worth its cost.

The student activity card is only $15 per semester and comes with a wide assortment of benefits. Some benefits include free lockers, reduced bus fares, and discounts at local businesses. Having a student activity card is a great way to save some money in the long run while also helping to immerse students into the community at Palomar.

Brooke Beckett, the student activities coordinator at Student Life and Leadership, said getting a student activity card is simple.

The student activity photo station, located inside SU-19, is where students would go to get their picture taken for their student activity card. Photo credit: Cynthia Cunningham

Students can pay for the activity card online through the MyPalomar portal or in person at the cashier’s office. Once the payment has gone through, students then go to SU-19 to have their pictures taken. After the picture is taken, the card is printed out immediately for students to use. Once students have their card, they can take advantage of its benefits.

“The benefit that most students probably take the most advantage of is the 10 pages of free printing per day. That’s really convenient throughout the semester,” Beckett said. “Then the scantrons… and blue books are also really helpful as well, especially during midterms and finals.”

There are many other perks available as well. With an activity card, students can enjoy free snacks at the Associated Student Government (ASG) Comet Hours, free popcorn on Thursdays at SU-19, discounted movie tickets, and more. For a complete list of benefits, visit the student activity card page.

“It’s also just a good way to get involved on campus because of the benefits like ASG Comet Hours, student activities, and events… You meet other students, and you can get acquainted with campus resources,” Beckett said.

One event available for all students is the upcoming Valentine’s event, held in the Student Union on Feb. 14 from noon to 1 p.m. While all students are invited, those with activity cards will be eligible for a free Valentine’s Day snack.

However, these aren’t the only reasons why some students get an activity card. Beckett explained that some classes, like kinesiology and nursing, require their students to have the card. While the card is “not a valid form of government ID and does not serve as a formal proof of identity in any capacity,” according to Palomar’s website, some students may get the card to have physical proof of being a student.

These benefits are available to students for only $15 per semester. With the low cost and high reward, it’s easy to see why the student activity card is worth it.

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