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Thumbs Down: Northern Intersection at Staff Parking Lot Eight and Staff Lot Seven A

Thumbs Down: The north intersection between Staff Parking Lot Eight and Staff Parking Lot Seven A can grow very congested and confusing during campus rush hours. The three-road intersection regularly sees a steady flow of students, but during certain hours of the day, it can get congested.

As a frequent driver who passes through this part of Palomar, I can say from experience that there have been many times where I’ve both felt confusion myself, and have seen confusion on the faces of my peers.

This stems from the lack of regulation for pedestrian flow at the intersection. Students must check in multiple directions, including behind them, in order to be sure of a safe crossing. Even after crossing the road, the students will have to cross again in order to enter into the student parking lot.

This not only makes it dangerous for the students, but it also makes it difficult for the drivers as they have to constantly check in every direction for crossing students.

Without lights and signals, this road will continue to be confusing and dangerous.

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