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Palomar college counseling department

SAN MARCOS- The counseling department offers a variety of different services including Behavior Health Counseling, Transfer Counseling, Disability Resource Center, and Personal Counseling.

I’ve been going to the Disability Resource Center for the past five years and they have helped me with making accommodations for my classes along with selecting courses for the following semester. This has helped me ease my anxiety with going to school and feeling confident in my classes.

Throughout my life, school has always been challenging for me mentally so having the support from the DRC has helped me ease my stress and anxiety significantly. One of my biggest struggles with going to school has been taking tests because of the amount of pressure teachers have put on me to get good grades rising my stress and anxiety.

However, the DRC has a testing center for students to take tests in a quiet room that has helped decrease my stress and anxiety regarding going to school. In addition, my grades have improved significantly for example, last semester my grade in history went from a 75% to 87% after taking the midterm. After receiving that grade, I went home crying because I’ve never had a positive experience with taking a test before and couldn’t wait to celebrate with my family.

I would recommend students that are struggling in their classes to visit the DRC because of how the counselors have helped me with my stress and anxiety with school.

Disability Resource Center



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