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From business to theater, the best of both worlds

Just a few minutes of conversation can take us one step further into a reality we wouldn’t often imagine. This was my reaction when interviewing business major, Cynthia Hernandez.

As a returning student, Hernandez understands the intricacies and joys of college life. She explains in gratitude, how professors have “helped me find resources…like the math and science learning center”.

As someone pursuing a degree in business, the tutoring opportunities at Palomar have been incredibly resourceful for her.

Having experienced both online and in-person classes with incredibly helpful professors, Hernandez feels that there are plenty of outlets to seek help if needed. “Honestly, I don’t have anything in mind that I think Palomar should change.”

The conversation took an interesting turn when she explained her artistic interests. Hernandez hopes to be “more involved…since my passion is also theater, to either sign up for auditions, volunteering and clubs out there and…fashion…”

Managing business courses, I’d suspect has enough challenges, right? Not for Hernandez. “I hope to…try my very best and put my hard work into it…”

Hernandez is a reminder to me that the best of both worlds isn’t too far away, it just takes a little self-motivation.

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