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Employment Opportunities for Palomar Students

SAN MARCOS — Palomar is offering employment opportunities to students. Human Resource Services has a laundry list to choose from. There are opportunities for on-campus student jobs, off-campus jobs, and a work-study program.

On-campus student jobs are the first employment option. Students can apply to be an ambassador of the college, an assistant of a department, a lifeguard of the campus pools, a front desk clerk for campus police, a peer mentor, and even a tutor. There are a multitude of options for employment on campus. There is a specific application process for students who choose this route. The website walks through those steps.

The Student Life and Leadership office also provides employment opportunities to students regarding off-campus jobs. Its website has a posted list of part-time options to choose from. The two options provided are a program facilitator and a teacher’s assistant.

A federal work-study program is in place to help eligible financial aid students. This federally funded program helps students with the cost of their college education. To apply, a student must have filed a FASFA application and marked yes for the question that allows them to be considered for the program. Then, the student can be awarded a certain amount of money to be earned through part-time employment.

Information on all of these options can be found at student services.

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