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Birmingham: The Best Travel Spot in England

England is one of the most beautiful countries to visit when you are traveling. There’s a place for all types of tourists such as the countryside, the city, beaches, and a blast to the past; Medieval towns. London, the capital of England, is known for its large and busy city life, but is the capital really the best place to visit when visiting England for the first time? Tourist statistics state that 30 million people say yes to visiting London, but the 41 million people that visit Birmingham think otherwise.

Birmingham attracts one million international tourists per year, with 40 million of them being tourists from their own country. Considering that Birmingham holds around 50 of England’s festivals per year, the city is always buzzing with people and attractions. Concerts, Arts and Science festivals, Pride Month festivals, and many more are scheduled for 2022. Some festivals that were held online last year, such as the Birmingham Comedy Festival, are moving back to in-person.

Transportation, especially in another country, can be difficult to manage for tourists. However, visitors do not have to worry about renting a car or gas money when visiting Birmingham. With amazing transit options, the city is easily accessible. Train and trolley transportation is widely used and encouraged in the United Kingdom since 90% of England is within four hours of Birmingham. If you are visiting from London, it is only an hour and 25 minutes away via train.

If you are looking for a more scenic route to or from Birmingham, there are excellent options for tours via walking or canoe. Tourists can book walking tours and canal tours of the city at any point. It is worth mentioning that Birmingham has more canals than Venice, so canal tours are highly encouraged. There are also over 600 parks in Birmingham that have specific uses such as biking, hiking, mansion views, and town walking. There is always something to do in Birmingham, every day has a use when visiting or living there!

Millions of people travel the globe at least once in their lifetime mainly for the cuisine; Fresh sushi, perfect pasta, or the best tacos, every country has its own unique foods that tourists love. So, that begs the question: What is England’s origin food?

Just about anything and everything!

Much like American food, British food has a variety of meat, fish, and vegetables in an average meal. Britain food, however, specializes more in the seafood aspect than meat. Fish and chips, oysters, lobster, and more; It’s perfect for tourists wanting a fresh and light meal to finish the day. There are a handful of Michelin star restaurants scattered in Birmingham, including the winner of Gordon Ramsey’s Best Local Restaurant in the UK, Lasan Restaurant. With light dishes and a menu that won’t break your bank, Lasan’s is perfect for tourists. Make sure to reserve a seat before showing up to have the best experience.

If you are looking for somewhere to travel in the next few years, write Birmingham on the list! England is a great place to visit, and I highly encourage everyone to try it out. So, book a flight and visit one of the best cities in England!

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