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Student Employment Now Available At Palomar College

SAN MARCOS – Palomar College is now offering student employment for the Spring 2022 semester.

According to the Palomar College website, several employment opportunities are now available for students. Students can access applications for on-campus, off-campus, and federal work-study via the Human Resource Services.

Some on-campus employment opportunities include, but are not limited to, Assistant positions for American Sign Language, Chemistry, and more, Student mentor positions, Lifeguard positions, Front Desk Security positions, and many more.

All jobs listed for on-campus positions average from $12 to $16 per hour based on experience, and most jobs listed do not exceed over 20 hours per week. Most job opportunities are flexible, but some require the applicant to be available at certain times of the day.

If applicants need tips for interviews and applying for these jobs, the Tips for Applicants page has Zoom videos, PDFs, and more to prepare students for the job they are applying for.

It is important that applicants read the Notice to Employment Applicants before applying to be informed about Palomar College’s job policies.

For more information on contacting and applying for these jobs, please visit the Human Resource Services on the Palomar College Website.

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