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Accreditation is now being implemented throughout colleges to make sure students are receiving proper programs or education.

So what exactly is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of evaluating and assuring the education quality that is provided in each college by the community. It is mainly an “assurance process” through which the institutions are collectively being held to a standard to have “good practice, conduct peer-based evaluations of institutions on a regular basis, confer accredited status on institutions” to ensure that the standards of accreditation are being shown to the public.

Palomar is heavily affected by accreditation due to the fact it can help determine if an institution meets certain standards.

The importance of accreditation for Palomar is to help the students determine their institutions based off the accreditation standards, while it also helps institutions in knowing the accessibility of their transfer credits.

Palomar is known to be a community college that helps many students save money for their first 2 years. Students are able to save money while also transferring over to a 4-year college with their approved credits. Students are able to complete their general education with the help of Accreditation because of the courses or programs they provide along with the quality of it.

Accreditation in Palomar helps students with their enrollment in other institutions, their graduation, and employment. They ensure the quality of their academic level through this in order to help students get into the school they want.

Ensuring the quality of education is accreditation’s priority.


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