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Joe Rogan’s Spotify Debacle

Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, addressed employees about the Joe Rogan situation in a memo that tells about the company’s feelings toward the massive show that Rogan runs. Rogan has said some terrible things on his show and sets a poor example as to how a podcast should be run, especially one as popular as his.

As someone who currently works and is obtaining an education in the media industry, I don’t think this behavior should be able to fly at all. In no way should Rogan get away with what he does and make statements to the point where the Spotify CEO has to mention that the company’s values don’t associate with Rogan’s.

In my opinion, Rogan should step down himself, and not put Spotify under the pressure that they are under to make a decision. It seems very unprofessional and careless to continue with the show in the current state as episodes are being removed to try to cover his tracks, which also doesn’t make much sense because those episodes are still easily accessed.

I believe the easiest way for this to be resolved is for Rogan and Spotify to part ways. Rogan could easily find another sponsor if he chooses or could go other ways about the show, possibly live-streaming it or going onto YouTube only. However, whatever route he chooses, he is going to have to learn to keep some things to himself to avoid causing controversy as nobody would want to host him if all it brings is bad PR.

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