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The suspenseful new season of “You”

The latest season of “You” is a wild, suspense-filled ride that will keep you hooked, despite some issues in its pacing.

Based on the book series by the same name, season one of “You” released on Netflix in 2018; starring Penn Badgley as protagonist Joe Goldberg. Since then creators Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble have stuck with the show to create two more seasons. The latest of which, despite strange pacing throughout the season, hit the top of Netflix U.S. charts in a matter of hours, taking the spot from the immensely popular “Squid Games.”

Season three follows Joe Goldberg and his wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) as they try to exchange their dark pasts for a peaceful life raising their newborn in the fictional neighborhood of Madre Linda. However, old habits die hard, and they quickly fall back into their old ways. Joe begins to obsess over other women in the neighborhood, while Love makes impulsive, and often violent, decisions to solve her problems.

What makes this season stand out from the rest is the unique dynamic between Joe and Love as a couple. While Love is more than happy to adopt this new family lifestyle, Joe feels tied down by the suburban world they now inhabit and only sticks around because of their child. Where Joe tries to have self-control and thinks about the baby, Love continues to make decisions that put the whole family in danger. They act as each other’s enemies at times, but also as mirrors, they see their flaws in each other.

Badgley and Pedretti’s acting is also the star of the show this season. Through his performance, Badgley creates a protagonist who is dangerous, complex, and funny. While Pedretti perfectly portrays Love’s love for her family, but also the dangerous impulsivity that makes her do anything to keep them in her grasp. Together, they create what may be the most chilling part of the show, a couple who the audience roots for despite their increasingly heinous crimes.

However, this season’s pacing is the kryptonite of the series. While the first few episodes bring enough action to keep the audience hooked and interested, it grows slow towards the end. The middle episodes do build suspense for the grand finale, but at the expense of losing its momentum. This is suddenly gone when the last two episodes turn rapid-fire, making it seem like the show had opened too many storylines without enough time to finish them all.

Despite some confusing pacing, the latest season of you is still just as captivating, if not more so, than its predecessors. The acting, plot twists, and characters will keep you wanting more long after the last episode has ended.

In fact, Netflix has already announced that they will be making a season four of “You” sometime in the future, where Joe’s actions will continue to haunt him and create another addictive storyline for the audience.

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