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“Squid Game” Review

“Squid Game” is a must watch for all those who love action and suspense, this series will keep you hooked with every weird but interesting scene.

“Squid Game” directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, was released Sep.17 on Netflix with a cast including Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon, and Gong Yoo as the main characters.

“Squid Game” takes place in South Korea, telling the story of multiple individuals who are desperately looking for ways to make money to pay all their debts.

This series is only meant for viewers who are 17 years and older, due to the presence of violence and gore.

Throughout this series there are many different tones shown to the audience. The story plot starts with the depressing sad life of low-income individuals who are in search of a stable job, and then shifts to a mysterious tone when they desperately agree to play games as a way to earn money, without having any idea what being “eliminated” from the games means.

The director, Hwang Dong-hyuk shows very realistic scenarios of what many people around the world go through due to the lack of money. Such as not being able to celebrate your child’s birthday because you don’t have enough money to provide for them, having to find a way to earn money to take care of your parent who is sick at home and unable to work, and so on. Hwang Dong-hyuk made sure to show these scenarios in the series.

The story’s plot gives a major change once it’s revealed that the characters play games that are meant for children but being eliminated does not mean just losing the game, but facing deadly consequences.

When watching the series and looking at how the director shows each character’s situation, it makes the audience feel like the scenes are more realistic. It shows, in a way the viewer can see and understand, each character’s need and reasons to join a game where they could earn a life-changing prize even though it means risking their own life.

According to many sources, the director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, had been working on producing this series since 10 years ago. However, many companies rejected the project since they believed it would not have lots of views.

Today, Squid Game is Netflix’s most popular show. It is the number one series with the most views, having over 111 millions views worldwide.

“Squid Game” gives the audience a suspenseful but unique story that has not been shown in other series, making this the very first series to break records in views, according to Netflix.

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