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Letter to the Editor from a Palomar Governing Board Member

On June 19, the Orange Glen HS boys’ basketball team proudly represented their school and our community at the state CIF championship game. Our boys demonstrated that discipline, talent and a hard work-ethic yields success and is deserving of admiration and acknowledgement.

However, an incident occurred shortly after the game that has been described as disgusting, appalling and racist. Members of the opposing team’s side were seen throwing tortillas at our team: a racist gesture given that the Orange Glen High School ‘s team is predominantly Latino.

As Palomar College’s District Trustee, I’d like to recognize that our community and our community members are welcomed, admired and respected. I acknowledge that the diversity of our community, and the cultural influences that it brings, is a quintessential component of a creative, prosperous and robust region. I recognize that the diverse backgrounds of our community members are a part of what makes it the amazing region that it is.

I’d like to not only recognize the incident and what appears to be a gross display of racism, but more importantly, I would like to honor our team, the team’s parents, Orange Glen faculty and administration, and the community as a whole. I hold my community in high regard, respect and value the people who live here, and honor the dignity of the people who have been denigrated. 

Thank you, Orange Glen High School community, for being a vibrant and valuable part of the region as a whole. As your representative, I praise and honor you, and I stand in solidarity with you. 

Trustee Christian Garcia

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