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Get Free Transportation PRONTO

Compass Cards are being replaced PRONTO.

Beginning Sept. 1 riders can use the new public transport fare system, PRONTO, and ride free for the entire month with a PRONTO card or mobile app account.

PRONTO will replace the previous Compass Card and Compass Cloud completely, and Compass products will no longer be accepted after Oct. 1.

However, PRONTO offers many new benefits. For example, riders can now earn day and month passes after scanning their PRONTO card for the corresponding number of trips. With PRONTO one-way fares will also also be valid for unlimited transport transfers within two hours of activation.

PRONTO can be used through a physical PRONTO card or through a mobile account.

There will be several outreach events throughout the month where riders can get a free PRONTO card.

Otherwise, the card costs two dollars at ticket machines, Metropolitan Transit System stores, North County Transit District customer service centers, and some retail outlets. The PRONTO app can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices with an email account and credit or debit card.

The PRONTO card number is then used to activate an account through where riders will be able to view past trips and charges, monitor progress towards earning a day or month pass, and more. Families can set up multiple cards under one account.

The success of PRONTO is yet to be seen, for now riders can use the month of Sept. as a chance to enjoy free transport and become accustomed to this new system, PRONTO!

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