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Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Show

With COVID-19 numbers starting to diminish, more things are starting to open up to get back to normal. One thing I have personally been waiting for to open up is movie theaters. Even though I love watching movies from the comfort of my home, I have desperately been missing the dark room with surround sound and all the movie goodies you can purchase.

Movie theaters are at 25 percent capacity, having seats blocked off in between people so they are six feet apart. Even though movie theaters are requiring you to wear a mask when you aren’t eating or drinking, no one seems to be following those guidelines.

It is scary because no one has protection and we are all in the same room together breathing the same air, but as long as the numbers stay down there is no harm in opening them back up.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that California is lifting restrictions on June 15, 2021, which will allow movie theaters to open at full capacity with a mask mandate still in place.

The date will mark eight weeks from when vaccines will be available to all California residents. California has seen a decrease in positive cases and the state has surpassed over 20 million vaccines administered.

With summer rolling around, this will really help our economy because a lot of people are very eager to get back to the movies.

One of my favorite parts about summer is all the new movies that are set to be released. There are many movies to look forward to, such as “Mortal Kombat,” “Cruella” and “Fast and Furious 9.” This will also stop so many films being delayed, and everything can get back on track.

A lot of studios have been using HBO Max as an outlet to release movies, such as the new “Wonder Woman” and “Tom and Jerry.”

With theaters around the U.S. opening films that have been on the back burner, they are now getting back into production and looking forward to releasing the films onto the big screen.

Even with the concerns of COVID-19 being present, it’s time for people and places to get back to normal. I recently went to the movies and saw “The Marksman.” It was fairly easy and seemed just like the old times.

I bought our tickets, picked our seats and got our food to enjoy the movie. Everyone had two seats in between them to ensure social distancing.

There are still COVID modifications at theaters, so I am excited about them opening up, and I can’t wait to enjoy movies from the big screen in a safe way.

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