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ASG Elects New Board Members

SAN MARCOS – The Associated Student Government at Palomar College has completed the Fall 2021 election and the results are in.

Palomar’s Student Life and Leadership group includes a team of those elected and dedicated to creating a variety of programs, clubs, events and workshops to ensure students at Palomar College are “actively engaged,” according to Palomar’s website.


Pre-nursing student Rachel Alazar keeps her position of Student Trustee from the 2020-2021 school year. Alazar also served as a senator and a secretary the previous year.

She is very involved on campus and is a member of the Pacific Coast Concert band and served as a peer mentor through the Teaching and Learning Center.


Taking over the position of ASG President is third-year Palomar student Marie-Therese Mouawad. She continues her dedication to the student body for a second year in a row as she takes this honor.

She stated in her biography found on the ASG website, “I am extremely driven about improving Student Success, allowing student voices to be heard, and I am willing to do what it takes for the school to adhere to Student needs.”

Mouawad is an avid runner, swimmer and enjoys rock climbing and art.

“It’s such a shock, I never would have thought that running would have led me to where I am today,” said Mouawad during a Zoom call on May 17.


First-year student Joshua Delgado is the new ASG Vice President.

Joshua is diving head first into Student Life and Leadership and will aid President Mouawad in decision-making and planning.

“If elected I promise to dedicate my time, experience and optimism to promote representation and encourage leadership in our community,” said Delgado in his election biography.


Returning ASG member Karen Galaviz Jimenez is this year’s secretary.

After previously serving as a senator and student representative in the ASG, she is “committed to advocate for the needs of the students in Palomar College with the intention to facilitate and ensure student success of the current generation and the many to come,” according to her biography.

Jimenez, who is currently a Biology major, hopes to work in the medical force after transferring.


Second-year student Roxanna Vega, who has also served as a senator, is continuing her ASG experience by holding the Vice President of Internal Affairs position.

She is currently studying Public Relations, but plans to transfer after her time at Palomar and focus on Global Studies and International Relations, with hopes of working for the public one day.


Mussawer Jamili, better known by “MJ,” is a second-year accounting student who will use his skills to aid the committee in finances.

“I hope to work towards connecting a diverse student base to one another, and to run the finance committee as efficiently as possible for the benefit of all,” said Jamili in his biography on the ASG website.


The 2021-2022 ASG senators are students Ashley Gonzalez, Natalie Scales and Oseas Garcia, who will act as student representatives and work alongside the committee throughout the year.

The election committee plans to swear in the new members during a Zoom call on May 24.

If you are interested in learning more about the ASG, click here to visit its website.

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