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‘Current Waves’ Shows Palomar Performing Arts is Thriving

SAN MARCOS – Despite all odds during the COVID-19 pandemic, most professors are working toward ensuring that their students are receiving the same experience they would be on campus.

The Palomar College Performing Arts Department is no exception.

The department has proved its resilience to the difficulties of producing a show during a global pandemic.

As a part of their final project, Electronic Ensemble students are hosting “Current Waves,” a performance via Zoom full of original student work influenced by classical music of all genres.

This show gives students the opportunity to create original work and have performance experience and is open to any and all Palomar students and staff to enjoy.

Prior to transitioning to online, students experienced being a part of the stage crew and production of their own show, and learning to adapt has not been easy.

Palomar student and ensemble member, Georgia Phipps, described the difficulties she is experiencing.

“When we are composing, the best part of the concert is getting other musicians to play our pieces so that we can hear them outside of our computers and outside of ourselves playing them, that is one of the biggest things that I miss about having concerts in person,” said Phipps.

Audio quality via Zoom is a recurring issue for the whole department, but with more practice they have been able to adapt for class and even put on a show a few weeks ago called “The Zoomtastic Showcase.”

“They stitched together everyone’s individual parts perfectly and added some visual art to make it even more impactful. It was very professionally done,” said Savitha Navik, a returning audience member.

The Performing Arts Department encapsulates what it means to work as a team, and students receive special support during these times.

“Palomar has been a great resource for our department as well, offering money to help our students get what they need… like Tom Daily, [Palomar’s Music Instructional Support Assistant] delivering instruments loaned by the department to students who need them,” said student Chris Wells.

He added, “Professors offer to mail paper copies of homework to students. Bob Weller has even hosted a Music Support Group when students can anonymously share their hardships and be there for each other during this tough time.”

Especially during a time where students may feel discouraged, this support is essential in creating a comfortable environment for students to continue to learn and perform.

As a result of their dedication and hard work, the department looks forward to continuing to produce its plays, student recitals and concerts not only through the pandemic but for years to come.

Palomar’s Applied Music Coordinator and Director of “Current Waves,” Ruth Weber, said, “These varied pieces show a serious dedication to craft. ‘Current Waves’ is a wonderful opportunity for music students to explore various elements, styles, technologies and techniques which are also utilized in motion pictures, video games and in the industry as a whole today.”

The show will take place at 7 p.m. on May 20 and costs $5 per person. To purchase tickets to “Current Waves” or for more information on other upcoming performances, visit the Performing Arts Department website.

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  • Lab09.JPG: Photo Courtesy of Arts Director Carl Thompson | Used With Permission
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