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The Waiting Game to Play Ball

San Marcos, Calif. – The COVID-19 pandemic has led to another season of Palomar softball being canceled. Finishing the 2019 season with a record of 41-7 and starting the 2020 season strong with a 16-3 record, the team was beginning to get hot before the season was suspended indefinitely before being cancelled due to COVID-19.

“Me being a freshman at the time when the pandemic first started it was very disappointing because our season got cut short, and we didn’t get the opportunity to see how good we could have been or how far we could’ve gone,” said Samarah Martinez, who has been playing softball for about 14 years and is the shortstop for the team.

As a freshman, Martinez played 19 games before the season was shut down last year, averaging .224 with 13 RBIs and 12 runs.

“Originally when the shut down first began there was only so much we could do as a team. Training wise it was all through zoom and individual workouts which made it hard not being able to see and grow as a team,” said Martinez.

Without the team being able to get together in person and train together, it makes building and maintaining team chemistry hard. “It has been a struggle and a bummer not being able to do the things we’re used to,” she said.

Zoom meetings and individual workouts are important for helping players to keep on track. When a season starts again, working with each other and practicing together in person are what make a team run well. The bond between teammates is important because they build a trust and relationship with each other that extend beyond the fields.

When asked about how the canceling of the season has affected her, Martinez said, “It affected me personally because I missed being in the field with everyone and just being able to see them every day.”

All players can do is just continue to work on themselves and their playing skills until next season starts up again. “Unfortunately, we aren’t going to have a season this year either but hopefully next season we can be ready to play,” said Martinez.

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