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Campus Police Lends a Hand in Antiracism Efforts

The Palomar College Police Department is determined to create a more antiracist environment on campus.

Joined by the rest of campus, the PCPD has reinstated several new policies and partnerships since Oct. 2020. These additions were discussed at the most recent Governing Board meeting on Feb. 2 via Zoom.

Faculty including Dr. Jack Kahn, President of Palomar College, were greatly satisfied with the college’s antiracism achievements as a whole.

A few of these changes can be found on the department’s website, such as an updated description of the PCPD’s Use of Force Policy and a commendation and/or complaint form open for anyone to use.

The PCPD has completed a certification from the U.S. Department of Justice Safe Policing and Safe Communities program to qualify for grants.

The department also plans to partner with the Learning Center later this spring for a law enforcement community connection workshop.

“We are always looking to protect the campus community. Right now with a smaller student footprint we focus on infrastructure protection, making sure all buildings and facilities are secure”, Chief-of-Police Chris Moore said. “Our officers assist the campus safety environment by working the temperature screening stations on campus.”

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the PDPC was hosting quarterly “Coffee with a Cop” events to engage students and create a sense of community.

Since 2017, a public safety outreach event is offered by the police department each year to teach attendees the importance of active shooter emergencies, Rape Aggression Defense Training and a handful of other safety presentations. Due to the pandemic the PCPD has had to postpone this event.

Moore hopes to utilize a method called “Relationship Based Policing,” which aims to form trust on a more individual level.

“It is essential to police our campus community in an unbiased manner to secure public trust and ensure our legitimacy,” Moore said about the significance of creating an antiracist environment.

Alongside the on-campus department, the Police Academy also plans to introduce a mentoring program to attract a more diverse group of students into the training program.

These efforts are partnered with the college’s list of accomplishments which include a month long equity and antiracism virtual event, dual enrollment with the San Diego County Office of Education and plans for antiracism professional development for all employees.

A more detailed description of Palomar College’s antiracism efforts can be found on its website.

Although campus remains quiet and lacks students, the PCPD has outlined a handful of goals for 2021.

“We are looking for technology solutions to make student life easier. Since the Fall of 2020 our parking permit process has gone contactless. As we return to campus it will only assist students to create a seamless parking experience,” said Moore.

By creating a more trusting and diverse community across all departments of Palomar College, the PCPD will be able to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

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