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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Building an Antiracist Culture at Palomar College

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Palomar College

Palomar College has adopted an action plan to support our African-American/Black community and to further Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the District. These action items were developed collaboratively with Palomar students, staff, and faculty and with input from our Umoja Scholars. We are committed to these measurable Calls to Action and will work diligently to implement them as we develop a culture of Antiracism at Palomar.

The information provided below shows the annual progress Palomar College is making on the goal of building an antiracist framework.  This work is collaborative and involves staff, faculty, and students with the ultimate goal of furthering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the District.

Progress Dashboard

Racial Equity for Police Reform50%
Space for African American/Black Students50%
Hiring of Black/African Americans25%
Hiring Diverse Faculty25%
Audit Classroom Climate50%
Professional Development Training100%
African American/Black Employee Protections10%
Civic Engagement63%
African American/Black Graduation100%
EDI Action Group100%

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Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution- Recommendations for Palomar College

In Fall 2021 a book club was formed called “Becoming Hispanic Serving Institutions”, this group was facilitated by Cynthia Cordova, Eduardo Aguilar, and Dr. Hossna Sadat-Ahadi. The purpose of the book club was to “examine our college HSI identity and learn how to support Latinx students, while celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Meetings included learning about... Read more »

Celebrating Undocumented Students during the week of action: October 18-22, 2021

Join the Undocumented Student Support team in creating awareness and support of Palomar College undocumented students. Multiple state wide webinars Statewide Webinars are available through the chancellors office website. In addition events sponsored by Palomar College will take place throughout the week of October 18-22, 2021. Please see the below flyers  or visit our website at... Read more »

Disability Awareness Month: October

October is National Disability Awareness Month in the United States.  Palomar College Disability Resource Center (DRC) is hosting events to create awareness and recognize the value of our diverse workforce and the role and contribution of disability in society. Please click on their flyer here: October Disability Awareness Events Calendar 2021

Palomar College Police Academy Update

Activity Update May 2021 The Academy developed and introduced more verbal communication skills into its curriculum that go far beyond the mandates of our state accrediting agency (POST). Including overview and response to cultural diversity, anti-racism & anti-discrimination Providing the student with a more in-depth examination of Socio-economic groups Implementing specific training in responding to... Read more »

Campus Police Department Update

October 2020 – January 2021 Activities The Department’s Use of Force policy is available on the Department website. A commendation/complaint online form is available on the Department website. Department employees completed the U.S. Department of Justice Safe Policing and Safe Communities Certification to gain eligibility for Department of Justice grants. The Department started California Department... Read more »

Foundation Board of Directors engage in Palomar’s antiracist framework

Dr. Jack Kahn and Dr. Hossna Sadat Ahadi delivered a vibrant presentation on Palomar’s Antiracist Framework at the February 22, 2021, Foundation Board of Directors meeting. The Foundation Board members were eagerly engaged in the discussion. The conversation will continue as the Foundation works to identify and adopt avenues to engage in Palomar’s antiracist framework.PC... Read more »

Palomar College Asian Pacific Alliance in Higher Education (APAHE) vehemently rejects these ignorant and hateful acts of violence against the API community.

APAHE Statement 2/22/2021 Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our nation has seen an increase in hate crimes against our Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. In 2020, the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center documented 2,808 hate incidents in the United States, and now Asian American elderly are the most recent victims. The Palomar Community... Read more »

Equity Teaching Practices & Resources at Palomar College

Senate President Rocco Versaci shared the following about the hard work of Alex Doyle Bauer and Hossna Sadat Ahadi, as well as the many contributions from our faculty, the “Equity Teaching Practices & Resources” page is now up and running. It is a collection of teaching assignments, presentations, readings, resources, and recommended media that support... Read more »

ESL Department joins the Palomar community in a statement of solidarity.

The ESL Department at Palomar College supports and stands in solidarity with our BILPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color) students and colleagues and Palomar College’s Call to Action, as well as contemporary movements fighting systemic racism, discrimination, and injustice. In the ESL Department at Palomar, our students, teachers, and staff come from all... Read more »

Palomar College Library provides resources for Undocumented Students

The Palomar College Library has created the Undocumented Student Library guide page online. Students, staff, faculty, leaders, and community members at Palomar College can access virtual resources on this page related to Undocumented Students. Please contact Natalie Lopez at and Leslie Salas at to request additional resources to be uploaded.

Palomar College Library provides resources for LGBTQIA+ community.

The Palomar College Library has created the pride guide page online in partnership with the Pride Center on campus. Students, staff, faculty, leaders, and community members at Palomar College can access virtual resources on this page related to LGBTQIA+ community. If anyone would like to share resources to be uploaded onto the page, we... Read more »

Latinx Healing Forum

The Association of Latinos and Allies for Student Success (ALASS) is hosting a Latinx Healing Forum to explore the Latinx experience on Friday, October 16 from noon to 2:00 p.m. via zoom. Please share it ALASS Oct Healing Forum with our students! Palomar employees and community members are welcome as well. The registration link is... Read more »

Library Statement on Antiracism

The Palomar College Library staff and faculty stand in solidarity in condemning violence and racism toward Black people, Latinx people, Indigenous people, and all People of Color!  We declare that there is no room for racism or Xenophobia in our community. We take responsibility for challenging racial inequity and implementing positive change in the Library. As... Read more »

Child Development Department Shares Strong Solidarity Statement

The Child Development Department at Palomar College supports our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students and colleagues and stands in solidarity with contemporary movements in raising awareness of widespread systemic racism and discrimination, as well as the Call to Action for Palomar College. As faculty and staff in the CHDV Department, we commit to continuing to... Read more »

Integrating Tribal Nation Voices in Early Childhood Education

Associate Dean Roe has provided a letter of support from Palomar College to a project Brandman University is proposing entitled, “Integrating Tribal Nation Voices into California’s ECE Lead Teacher Preparation Pathway: A Template for Systemic Change”. The letter emphasizes that “Palomar College supports the development of a Tribal Curriculum Framework, which has great potential to... Read more »

Powerful Plenary video kicks off Plenary & Antiracist Action at Palomar College

A powerful video created by faculty, staff and the good folks at PCTV was aired at this year’s fall plenary.  The video documents faculty and staff of color’s expereinces with racism and privilege. The video is courageous, inspirational, and honest and was overwhelmingly lauded by community members. In a  recent email Trustee Evilsizer was kind enough... Read more »

Student Success and Retention Institute

Regional Strong Workforce funds were allocated to Palomar College to offer a Student Success and Retention Institute that supported 21 faculty from across several CTE and non-CTE disciplines.  The Institute began in February 2020 with an all-day conference at the Sheraton by the airport hosting over 250 faculty from throughout the San Diego region.  At... Read more »

Counseling Department Releases Testimonial in Support of Black Lives Matter

The Counseling Department has released this encouraging Testimonial in support of Black Lives matter.  Thank you so much for supporting this effort! The faculty and staff in the Counseling Division at Palomar College stand against racism and discrimination. We support the efforts of Black Lives Matter in bringing awareness to police brutality and we will... Read more »

Library & Information Technology Program Shares Black Lives Matter Testimonial

Our Library program has provided this strong  testimonial in support of Black Lives Matter.  Much thanks to our colleagues who wrote this and shared  it with the campus. The faculty of the Library & Information Technology (LIT) stand in solidarity with Black, Latinx, Indigenous and People of Color and condemn violence and racism towards them!... Read more »

Transitions Summer Program – Doing Equity Work

On Friday, Aug. 14, more than a dozen students (15 in all) around San Diego County opened their computers and logged into a unique celebration, held on Zoom, to mark the completion of the first Transitions summer session provided over the internet. The program helps previously incarcerated individuals adjust to a college campus and successfully begin... Read more »

Plenary 2020 Dedicated to Antiracism Work & Action

The Palomar College Fall 2020 plenary event was designed with a strong focus on two areas, online teaching and institutionalizing antiracism. For our first day of plenary, several of our Palomar employees volunteered their time to lead valuable workshops to help Palomar College institutionalize antiracism, which included the following workshops: “Combating Racism:  How you can... Read more »

Library Creates New Library Guides

Alexandra Doyle Bauer and Monica Diego at Palomar College created a Black Lives Matter and Asian Pacific Islander resource guide for the library. Thank you for your leadership towards racial equity at Palomar College! The BLM resource guide is here and the API guide can be found here.

Posters for Inclusion Project

MATCH in collaboration with the counseling department has created the ‘Student Edification Project’. You will soon see in many classrooms’ posters that validate, engage, and give students a sense of belonging to succeed in our classes. We want to encourage students to persevere in our classes, and by attending to their affective domain we will... Read more »

NACCC Survey Data Update

The National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates (NACCC) is an annual campus climate survey administered by the Race and Equity Center at USC to students at colleges and universities nationwide. Administration of the survey was introduced to the campus community at Spring Plenary in January 2019. This was followed by a faculty and student memo... Read more »

Required Antiracist Question(s) For Administrators and Staff & Next Steps

The administrators and classified staff have adopted a policy to require all interviews for admin and staff to require an antiracist question pre-interview to assess new applicants dedication to antiracism.  In addition, administrators have met over the summer to create a draft plan to share with the Strategic Planning council to agree upon a shared goal,... Read more »