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Palomar College’s Roles in Benefiting Students

Despite all that has been going on in the world with COVID-19, Palomar College has continued to make its number one priority for the students.

In efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Palomar continues to hold classes online while most colleges and universities around the county have decided to allow regular classes on a physical campus.

Palomar is taking cautious measures because there have been reports of college gatherings or functions where one or more attendees had the virus active in their system.

Palomar is not taking any chances with their students, which shows a testament as to how much they truly care. To combat stay-at-home learning, Palomar has been nothing but understanding as they continue to accommodate students in any way possible.

Palomar continues to hold extended deadlines for impacted students who end up withdrawing from a course without receiving a fail to withdraw (FW) notation on their permanent transcript which counts negatively towards your overall GPA. To help prevent this from happening, Palomar now offers free WiFi in Parking Lot 12 of the main campus since not every student has the necessary materials at home to fully succeed in their studies.

For students on campus, Palomar has also implemented touch-free screening stations to enter the campus while enforcing social distancing protocols and face masks with no exceptions.

This may be the continuing trend for Palomar until a vaccine has been given out to everyone in San Diego County before Palomar can bring back on-campus learning again.

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