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A Look Into the Animal Rights Club

Furry friend lovers everywhere, there is a club for you. Palomar’s Animal Rights Club is a huge club that is about the rights for animals such as, veganism, which is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, animal cruelty in testing, abandonment and inhuman living.

The Animal Rights Club was created in March 2020. It is a fairly new club to Palomar College but already has a wide following. This club stands up for the animals that can’t speak for themselves. They discuss issues in how we can help animals and even help our environment. They dive into topics such as the horrors in what the meat and dairy industry do to help promote veganism.

Before the pandemic, the club would meet in person but now since school is closed due to COVID-19, they now meet virtually on zoom. They meet twice a month on Zoom.

If you are interested in joining the club you can reach out to them via Instagram at the account @palomaranimalrights, and directly message them through Instagram to join and get the zoom link.

For more information you can visit Palomar’s website here as well as emailing them at for any questions you may have.


Image Sources

  • Palomar College Animal Rights Club: Image courtesy of Palomar College Animal Rights Club. | Used With Permission
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