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We Have Greater Worries Than the Second Impeachment

The ongoing impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is a waste of time.

Rather than focusing on current issues, the House of Representatives and the Senate are still busy trying to impeach a president who has already left office peacefully.

This is a potential distraction. People are so preoccupied with Trump that they are not focused on what President Joe Biden is doing.

This is the second attempt to impeach Donald Trump, with the first go-around being unsuccessful. The House voted to impeach Trump but it did not pass the Senate, who holds constitutional power to try all impeachments.

For the impeachment to pass in the Senate, there needs to be a two-thirds majority in favor of impeachment. This requires all 50 Democrats to vote in favor, as well as 17 Republicans. That is highly unlikely to happen, which further institutes this trial as a waste of time.

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