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Transfer Alert: Palomar Baseball

Through this pandemic sports have taken a halt.

Many have missed out on their final season, but these seven young men have been persistent and have shown their abilities enough to be snatched up by some top schools.

It is rare when one third of the team has its players transfer out, but this just proves that the program is working and that they’re going to continue to push out top prospects towards their aspirations.

The following players are the products of Palomar College Baseball:

Jacob Widener- North Carolina State: Sophomore Pitcher averaging 3.8 hits per game

Nick Seamons- Lewis-Clark State: Junior Outfielder

Brady Lavoie- North Carolina State: Outfielder Sophomore .326 avg

Chip Korbacher- Cumberlands: Sophomore Pitcher 8.18 ERA

James Benham- Ottowa: Pitcher Sophomore 9.0 ERA

Cade Swenson- New Mexico State: Sophomore Pitcher 4.32 ERA

Dylan Delvecchio- CSU Fullerton: Sophomore Pitcher 6.90 ERA

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