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Super Bowl COVID-19 Precautions

Super Bowl 55 was the first Super Bowl to be played during a global pandemic, and the league made sure everyone followed protocol.

According to News 8, masks were mandatory if you attended the game, which is why the NFL provided KN95 masks. Fans were also provided with hand sanitizing stations and first aid to any guests who were not feeling well, which was available around the stadium.

The front row seats were blocked off to keep fans away from the players and staff. Cardboard cutouts were placed around the stadium to keep fans in their seats while being socially distant.

The NFL tweeted that the cash pay method was eliminated and only digital payments were allowed, to limit touch point contact. Fans were able to purchase pre-paid visas for the event.

The staff went through medical screenings and wore gloves throughout the game while cleaning every surface inside the stadium like concessions, bathrooms, doors, elevators, water fountains, and etc.

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