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Palomar’s New Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

SAN MARCOS–Palomar College has adopted an action plan to support our African-American/Black community and to further equity, diversity and inclusion in the district.

This plan aims to eradicate racism by showing solidarity to antiracism efforts and to develop a culture of antiracism at Palomar.

“It is our time to carry the torch, following in their [previous educators and students’] footsteps, always looking ahead to what Palomar can be for all students,” said Interim Superintendent Jack Kahn in an interview with Palomar News.

Kahn said that they “still have a long way to go.” He added that they have identified the next steps, and will be implementing a variety of antiracist changes Palomar College.

The equity, diversity and inclusion action plan has 10 items in its call to action to create a culture of antiracism at Palomar:

1. Improve and include race-conscious and race-based training for current Palomar College Police Department officers and students in public safety programs.

2. Identify a designated space for African American/Black students at Palomar College (mirroring the Pride and Veterans Center).

3. Hiring more faculty, staff and administrators who are African American/Black.

4. Hiring full-time faculty for Africana Studies who are authentically engaged in Black consciousness.

5. Audit classroom climate. Create action plans to implement inclusive classroom and equity-minded teaching.

6. Provide professional development trainings specifically addressing support for our African American/Black students, promoting antiracism in curriculum and teaching to ensure action is taking place.

7. Ensure African American/Black employees are protected contractually and are included in decision-making processes.

8. Host get out the vote campaign and contextualize the history of voting rights.

9. Have celebratory graduation for African American/Black students on campus.

10. Establish an action group that works toward institutionalizing diversity, equity and inclusion at Palomar College.

The website includes a progress dashboard that displays Palomar College’s progress toward building an antiracist framework.

Some services provided by the equity, diversity and inclusion action plan are: providing resources for undocumented students and the LGBTQIA+ community, adding a Latinx Healing Forum, having a guided discussion with Palomar College’s Pride Center, creating an Empowered Women’s Project, creating a pronoun project and more.

For more information regarding the equity, diversity and inclusion initiative, contact Leslie Salas at

For more information on upcoming equity and social justice events at Palomar College, join the Equity Team.

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