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Military Leadership Apprenticeship Program Starting Fall 2020

Palomar College is now offering a program for Palomar-enrolled active-duty and veteran Marines that are currently enrolled in or have completed Sergeants School.

According to a press release by Palomar News, the Military Leadership (MIL) Apprenticeship Program was approved by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office in June.

Nichol Roe, Acting Dean for Math, Science & Engineering at Palomar stated to Palomar News, “We’re going to get started at Camp Pendleton, and then likely launch at Twentynine Palms in the spring.”

The program is a fully online course where you report your on-the-job training hours, and reflect upon the learning outcome in Sergeants School and how these relate to your current job. It is free to students enrolled in the program.

Included on the Palomar website, six units of this program can be completed in one semester. It also completes the 18-unit Palomar College Military Leadership Apprenticeship Program certificate of Achievement.

This program can be repeated multiple times throughout the year to report 2,000 hours of on-the-job-training that is needed to receive the General and Operations Manager Apprenticeship certificate through the state of California.

In addition, the Associate Degree in Military Leadership is transferable to a four-year college and can transfer directly into the organizational leadership Bachelor Degree programs at both National University and Arizona State University.

For more information on the MIL Program, contact Candace Rose, MIL Program Faculty Coordinator at

For information on classes and enrolling at Palomar, contact Tory Haynes at the Camp Pendleton Education Center at

For information on your educational pathway, financial aid, transferring, etc., contact Veterans Counselor Tina Barlolong at

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