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To Vote or Not to Vote

Voting can be a tough decision, as we can be left unsatisfied by the options while deciding who deserves a vote. However, someone is going to win, so make sure you have a say who does.

Democracy is built on “the people” electing representatives whom they believe share their values. So what happens when neither of the candidates on the ballot represent what you believe in?

One is left with two choices: give someone you don’t believe in a vote because you don’t want their opponents in office, or forfeit your choice by not voting.

It is a controversial topic. If you do not back either candidate, why give them a vote? I say a vote is a vote. We have a voice, and we should use it. Whether we are voting for a president or a governor, the outcome will affect our lives in one way or another.

Choosing not to vote is taking a gamble on the future. It is like relying on others to make the decision for you, while you and everyone around you deal with the consequences of not voting.

In a perfect world, you should be voting for whom you favor, but when there is none, pick the candidate you believe can do the job best. The lesser of two evils is never an ideal choice, but a choice is still necessary.

Image Sources

  • Courts will decide Georgia voting rights – and maybe election results: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images/TNS | Used With Permission
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