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Final Countdown: Less Than 50 Days Until World of Warcraft Expansion

Due to the global pandemic, many people are finding new ways to occupy their time. Gaming is definitely one of those time killers.

Online gaming does not have to feel like a full-time job anymore, because the new expansion for “World of Warcraft” will be released on Oct. 27.

The new “WoW” expansion includes four editions with special features that players can pre-purchase. “Shadowlands” is followed by the recent expansion, “The Battle of Azeroth.”

Shadowlands is a new realm of never-ending darkness where the departed reside. The realm consists of five zones: Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldaraxxus, Revendreth and Maw. Oriobos is the city and main center where players begin their journey into the Shadowlands.

Players who are already familiar with “WoW” will find new challenges in the expansion, such as Shadowland mounts, class abilities and a new level cap at 60. Unfortunately for new players, this means you have to wait until you reach level 50 to enter Shadowlands.

However, the good news for new players is that they can try it out and play for free up to level 20 until they’re ready to purchase “Shadowlands.”

For players who are impatient and just can’t wait 53 days, they can beta test “Shadowlands” by visiting

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