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Are You Voting This Year?

Politics can be a controversial topic, especially in school, because you are hoping the person you are sitting next to does not have political beliefs the exact opposite of yours.

Politics are not the best way to approach people in a conversation because you don’t know what their ideology is. You have no clue if they think or believe in the same things you do.

You can always learn to agree to disagree, but when there is a line being drawn your sense of loyalty will come into question.

You will need to stand with a side and cannot remain neutral. Nowadays, each side is played out differently. Politicians are as real as they are corrupt. Many may not see it, but no one is perfect. There are many things that play behind the scenes that we do not see.

We are either too naive to see what is being done right in front of us or it has not come around to affect us at all yet. For better or for worse, no one side is right.

Republicans are needed to be portrayed as the muscle when we need action to be taken. They provide us with strategy, strength, and the power to lead us to the future with the stability and enforcement we need to make that future possible.

Democrats are the heart and soul that show the rest of the world that America is not fully fueled by power and greed. We can limit ourselves and seem more passive-aggressive rather than just aggressive. We can show that there are actual people who care and look out for the well-being and stature of our great country.

Regardless of political views, you should make sure when you vote this year that you understand the opposing sideā€”not necessarily agree with it, but to listen to its ideals and values.

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