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Scarecrow’s new EP brings amateur sound to d beat scene

Story by Colton Webster

Scarecrow’s latest release “Revenge” is a welcome addition to the library of any d-beat fan.

Coming from Raleigh North Carolina’s active punk scene, “Revenge” is an aptly titled 10 track d-beat assault on the listener. Lead guitar is played fast and droning, blasting the listener with classic riffs that match the energy of their howling vocalist. The aggressive drum beat and bass are predominant; being placed at the forefront of the soundscape, they set the high tempo for the entirety of the record.

Scarecrow keeps the audience alert by producing short, compact songs that never exceed two minutes in duration. This doesn’t affect the quality of the record as the short runtime gives the album replayability.

The band embraces the high bpm and metal riffs used by some punk bands in the 1980s including Discharge and Anti Cimex. The production done on the album makes it indistinguishable when the album was produced and has a very raw almost amateur sound despite being professionally mastered by the North London Bomb Factory, a mastering company known for their work on punk records.

“Revenge” is easily recommended to any fans of d-beat or crust punk. You can buy the record on Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes’ Bandcamp.

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