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A true crime novel you won’t be able to put down

Written by Nancy Maldonado Hernandez

Secrets of a Soldiers Wife tells the story of Erin Corwin who was married to a U.S marine Jon Corwin and was found dead in a mine, after she goes missing her affair with Chris Lee comes to light. Even though he pleads innocent there is much evidence that investigators look into.

The book is written by a bestselling author Shanna Hogan who follows the tragic story about a marine wife who was killed by one of her lovers. Hogan gives clear visuals on how they found the body in the mine, even including pictures which really helps the reader and is very sensitive with the way she writes not too emotionally, but very descriptively.

The story is really well written because it goes step by step on what the investigators went through and looked for when Corwin had went missing.

The evidence Hogan includes, the facts, and quotes on witnesses really molds the book together. Especially of all the testimonies of Jessie, Erins best friend on the killers actions after she had gone missing. Hogan was also able to included the families thoughts after the trial of her killer, as well as who Corwin was as a person and how they remember her.

The book is a great read on true crime, and a page turner and is recommend because the thought of just knowing that it’s based on true real life events will make it hard to put down.

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