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Palomar police investigating on-campus assault

Story by Summer Aguirre and Ana Acosta

The Palomar College Police Department is currently searching for the suspect of an assault that occurred on campus.

The female victim was attacked at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 26 in the C building on the southwest side of the San Marcos campus.

The suspect was described as an African American male in his 20’s. He had a flat top haircut and was wearing a yellow shirt, gray sweatpants, and a black backpack. The press release also noted that the suspect was wearing an ankle monitor. His height and weight are unknown.

The suspect has not yet been placed in custody. Campus police are working with other local law enforcement agencies and the North County Transit District team on the incident.

The campus police urges all students, faculty, and staff to take precautions.

If you know anything about the suspect, call the campus police at 760-744-1150, ext. 2289, 760-891-7273, or the text-a-tip phone at 760-891-6154.

A second female victim of assault came forward on Aug. 27. The victim notified the PCPD of the incident that occurred around 12:30 noon on Aug. 26 by the D Building on campus, potentially involving the same suspect.

UPDATE: Palomar Police have identified and placed the suspect in custody on Aug. 28. PCPD is urging anyone with information about the described suspect to contact campus police at ext. 2289 or 760-891-7273.

Furthermore, if students feel uncomfortable or unsafe, PCPD suggests to move to a more populated area on campus and contact the college police at 760-744-1150, ext. 2289, 760-891-7273, or the text-a-tip to 760-891-6154.

PCPD also provides an escort service for students who wish to be walked to their cars. Call the numbers listed to request an escort.

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