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A jazzy performance at the Brubeck Theatre

Story by: Ripp Friesen

The musical duo Peter Sprague and Leonard Patton came to the Howard Brubeck Theatre, Thursday, 21st for Palomar Performing Arts Concert Hour. Peter Sprague and Leonard Patton are a jazz duo based in San Diego who take inspiration from great bands like The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Wonder and add their own jazz influences to create a whole new song.

Armed with a double neck guitar, a pair of drum brushes and tonal beats the jazz duo played to the beat of their own drum creating emotional pieces from hit songs. After each song Peter would speak to the audience giving us bits of information about the song or to compliment his band mate Leonard Patton.

Through the show they played their version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” using tonal beats from Peters double neck guitar and using Leonard’s resounding voice to create a new experience.

Afterward Peter told the audience he always tries to put a “thing” in each of the songs they cover. From there they moved to “Born Under a Bad Sign” and followed up with The Beatles “Lucy in the Sky” again putting their own spin on each of the songs.

The duo ended the hour with “Dream Walkin” a song picked from their album “Dream Walkin”. At the end of the show the audience got up and gave a standing ovation to the duo, who stayed after the show and talked with any member of the audience who had questions.

The musical duo won’t be back for the rest of the spring semester but you can see other musical artists throughout the semester during Concert Hour, presented by Palomar Colleges Performing Arts Department.

For more information and show times you can go to the Palomar Performs website or call at 760-214-9109.

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