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Care to conspire?: Monster Energy

We’ve all heard about common conspiracies like 9/11 was an inside job, and tinfoil hats protect you from government mind control rays, but have you heard that Monster energy is secretly run/created by a Satan worshiping cult with hidden agendas?

We know him as the devil, Lucifer, Satan, etc, but know he is also allegedly part of monster energy.

You may be thinking to yourself, “is this because it tastes like carbonated demon piss?” Well even though that is an accurate description, its not the reason why.

To start, lets look at the monster energy logo. At first it looks like the letter “M”, but when we separate each slash, we get what looks like three separate flipped upside-down L’s.

What do these L’s have to do with anything? Well when we look at what language the old testament was originally written in, we can see that a flipped upside-down L is the Hebrew letter “vav” for 6.

If you’re not following along, that would make the translation of the logo to “vav vav vav” which in English would be 666.

Of course the immediate thought about this is its just a coincidence. The problem is this isn’t the only supporting evidence. Now take a look at the “O” in “monster” under the logo, there’s a cross in it. There’s no reason for that to be there besides some sort of religious association.

This could just be a subtle use of the cross by the founder who could be of christain faith or something. However, if it was of a faith that is seen as good, their slogan wouldn’t be “unleash the beast.”

“Unleash the beast” has enough questions of it own. Is this the ultimate goal of the Monster Energy group? Unleashing a demon? Unleashing Satan? Maybe both.

Photo illustration of Monster Energy by Savhanna Vargas/The Telescope
Photo illustration of Monster Energy by Savhanna Vargas/The Telescope

Image Sources

  • Conspiracy banner: Savhanna Vargas/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
  • Conspiracy feature: Savhanna Vargas/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
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