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Proposition 55 passes in California

SAN MARCOS— Voters supported a continuation of income tax increase on the top two percent of California tax payers, which was scheduled to end after 2018 (Proposition 30), but is now extended through 2030.

Prop. 55 received 59.48 percent of the vote with 2,175 precincts reporting during the election Tuesday night.

With Prop. 55 passing, it promises that:

  • California students will not have to go back to impacted
    classes because of teacher layoffs.
  • Students will not have to suffer from
    transportation and school lunch programs being cut.
  • Students will continue to enjoy their art and music programs.
  • Taxes will not be increased on anyone (including
    the wealthy), it will maintain the current tax rate for the top 2
    percent of California taxpayers.
  • Most importantly, prevents a nearly $4 billion
    in funding cuts to public education (K-12 and community colleges).

John McAndrew, 17, a senior at High Tech High North County in San Marcos, had a lot to say about Prop 55.

“For me personally, I would vote no if I could, because we already have a rainy day fund and a surplus. The rainy day fund is $2.7 billion, and I’m not too sure right now how much we have in the surplus at the moment. Many economist, as far up all the way to Sacramento are saying it is a useless prop. We already have enough money.”

“But on the flip side, the voting yes on Prop. 55 will bring in around $4.3 or $4.6 billion into school funding like the arts of music, obviously art, drama, and other elective courses,” McAndrew explained.

Classmate, Scott Wade, 17, a senior at High Tech High North County, added ” If schools were wanting money, it’s a first come, first serve basis. So it’s unfair from the start!”

“So if a school desperately needs the money and applies too late, it’s too bad, they don’t get anything,” Wade emphasized.

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-Ashley Magdaleno


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