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Prop 51 won the vote

SAN MARCOS, CA– The result on Proposition 51, a proposal to give education $9 billion in funding, won favor on the ballot.

Prop. 51 was a proposal to have the state use $9 billion toward education in state school bonds; that includes the funding and repairing of school facilities in need such as libraries and science labs.

It earned 53 percent of the voters’ favor and 357,396 “yes” votes as opposed to those who voted “no,” who numbered 318,619. It was one of the 17 propositions on the 2016 election ballot.

The proposition didn’t sit well with everyone, though. At Palomar College on Nov. 7 High Tech High students went on to express their thoughts on the propositions at a Palomar rally.

Tristen Gamboa, 17, a high schooler of the program said that she takes issue with how the money for the proposition will actually be used. “There’s no guarantee that the money will go toward what it says it will, or that it’ll go to disadvantaged school districts. There’s nowhere in the law that says what qualifies as a disadvantage school.”

To some, the favor of the proposition was a victory. Elijah Miller, 17, said he’s for the proposition because $9 billion of bonds will go toward helping school with maintenance and repair. “Overall helps with education and modernization of schools. That’s just the basic makeup of it. It helps schools.”


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