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Fillinger Falls Short; Remains Hopeful

SAN MARCOS – Tim Fillinger said he wanted nothing more than to help out his community by getting elected to the Palomar College Governing board and contribute to the success of the school.

Fillinger fell short on election day, but another run in the next election cycle could be in his future.

Fillinger said he had plans to save Palomar as much money as possible as he stressed the importance of his business experience.

“Most of the candidates have lots of experience working in schools and being teachers. Which is great, but how is that going to help the school’s budget?”

He added that he was disappointed with the outcome, yet did say he was somewhat interested in running again. A debate was set to take place a few weeks back in an attempt to let all candidates plead their case. Fillinger was one of only two candidates to show up to the debate. “I found that a little disrespectful. Are you so busy that you can’t take an hour out of your night to show the faculty what you stand for?”

Fillinger stressed the importance of, not only getting more students into Palomar, but giving them the necessary skills to succeed after obtaining a diploma. “What needs to be done is making sure those who take classes at Palomar are on a path. We need to be helping students identify that path and help them along it every step of the way.”

He has stated that he finds it unacceptable that students can graduate from Palomar and not be fully equipped to tackle whatever field of interest they wish to hone in on.

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