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Dishman– Unsuccessful yet again

SAN MARCOS— Former 2008-2012 governing board incumbent, Rose Marie Dishman, had another unsuccessful run Tuesday night, making it two elections in a row.

Dishman earned 15.01 percent of the vote with 638 precincts reporting.

“Ohhh, the last I saw I was fourth, so I’m not that happy obviously at this moment. So we will see what happens,” Dishman explained.

Her first plan on the agenda would have been to focus on the Palomar’s south campus, “South campus is coming along, so probably to work with the community in the south campus and the people, to make this community be more on board with things, I think that needs to be done really soon.”

At the moment, Dishman has no plans on running for election again in the future.

Dishman said she hopes for the future of Palomar, that people will see and identify Palomar College as THEIR campus, “Palomar serves a very diverse group of students and I think to be sure that the community knows what Palomar does. What I find is that people in Poway and Rancho Bernardo they don’t always identify that Palomar is their college, that many of the people from there tend to go south.”

Although there were some e-mails sent out the morning of election from the faculty union showing a picture of Dishman’s 2012 car accident in the parking lot of the San Marcos campus. The mailer claimed that the accident was a result of Dishman’s “erratic behavior.” Dishman denies that.

“I think that was taken way out of context, and I am blown out by this faculty union. That was a total accident. Honestly, the word, I think, is disgusting for their behavior.”



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