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Current Events Quiz #13

1. What famous rock star died on April 21?

2. When Beyonce went to the Met Gala, what was her dress made from and who was the Designer?

3. What is the new temporary name for Budweiser?

4. How old is the “world’s oldest living cat?”

5. What U.S. state passed a law requiring transgender people to use the bathroom appropriate for their gender at the time of birth?

6. What’s the new social media hashtag that airlines are encouraging their passengers to use when waiting in long TSA checkpoint lines?

7. How much does the most expensive coffee in the world cost?


1. Prince

2. A gown made from latex by Givenchy

3. America

4. 30 years old (human years)

5. North Carolina

6. #ihatethewait

7. Up to $600 per pound


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