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Palomar College’s Fall Enrollment Drops

Palomar College and other colleges in the country have had a high number of fall enrollment drops this semester. Kendyl Magnuson, Senior Director for Enrollment Services at Palomar College, said impacts by COVID-19 have worsened enrollment, as well as students not...

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Pence Performed Pitifully in Vice Presidential Debate

Pence Performed Pitifully in Vice Presidential Debate

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris squared off in their one and only debate last Wednesday. They butted heads on topics like the Coronavirus, healthcare, climate change and the many other issues that have dominated the 2020 campaign, with less than one...

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Brady Lavoie Story

Brady Lavoie is a Palomar Comets baseball player that isn’t letting Covid-19 get in his way of playing baseball. I got the chance to interview Brady Lavoie over FaceTime. I asked him how he has been staying connected with the team, what type of baseball training...

The Zach Monahan Story

The Zach Monahan Story

How Zach has been dealing with Covid-19 and its impact on his football training. At 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, Zach Monahan, 21, currently plays for the Comets at Palomar College. He was so honored to have somebody interview him over FaceTime call. Monahan said that he...

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