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New California bill coddles sleepy students

Story by Nicole Villanueva Remember grandpa’s story about having to walk 10 miles in the snow to get to school? Well today’s generation of middle and high school students will never know that struggle.  For one, it doesn’t snow here in California. And two, students...

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Addams Family Review

Addams Family Review

Disturbing yet charming as always, “The Addams Family” continues to wow audiences with its values. “The Addams Family”, directed by Conrad Vernon, is a hilarious movie, through and through. The animation style takes some getting used to, but I loved the overall...

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Comets prepare for title run

Comets prepare for title run

Story by Krista Moore Palomar Women’s basketball has officially tipped off their season looking to get back to the championship game. The women finished 21-8 last season, in what Coach Leigh Marshall described as a down year, which she contributed to relying on a...

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