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Why are Student Services as Slow as Slugs?

Student services are detrimental to the success of any community college. So why are they so sluggish here at Palomar?

In Memory of Professor Joe Limer

Professor Joe Limer left a legacy behind for the Palomar community.

This Week on Campus

Check out all the events happening on campus this week!

Construction Related Blast Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning-September 21st

Tomorrow morning at 10:15 a.m. construction crews will set off a small controlled blast at the site of the new softball stadium.

Campus Closed on Friday

Palomar College closes September 23rd for Native American Day.

Palomar Astronomy’s Solar Telescope Finds A New Life

SAN MARCOS – The Palomar Astronomy department will soon have the solar telescope up and running again for educational purposes and experiences for students. The solar telescope is currently located in the NS building on the roof and has been there since...

Club Rush was fun, but Palomar needs more clubs.

With 13 clubs being present at club rush, a lot of students were left with their interests unrepresented.

This Week on Campus at a Glance

The events offered on Campus from Sept. 18 to Sept 24

Ceramic Department Celebrates Kiln Upgrades After Nearly Three Decades

SAN MARCOS- Palomar’s ceramic department has recently received an upgrade in equipment with the addition of two new kilns. The two new kilns are worth “85,000 dollars,” according to the department technician, Tim Murdoch. Ceramics Instructor Lee Puffer stated...

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