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Reliving Jonathon Larson’s legacy in “Tick, Tick…Boom!”

A love letter to all things Broadway, passion, and the pressure of making something great, “Tick, Tick…Boom!” is a movie-musical that takes you through the life of Jonathon Larson. Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway hit “Hamilton”, makes his directorial debut...

The Lady Comets woke up and chose dominance

The women’s basketball team remains undefeated since the start of their returning season. The team kicked off their first season in a year with a home victory over the LA Trade Tech College Beavers. Now 5 games in with a 5-game win streak, it’s clear that...

Meet a Dancer from “Epic Tales of the Heart”

Student dancer, Lucinda Salazar, shares her experience with the Palomar dance ensemble.

Transferring Struggles in College Students

College transfers can be stressful and time consuming, so here are a couple of tips on how to keep your head above water.

Oxford High school shooting discussion

  Natalie and Daniella discuss the recent event that took place in Oxford high school and give their input on what can happen to prevent another...

Waterfronts: Exploring the issues our ocean is facing

On this episode of the Telescope podcast, we explore everything from plastic-eating mushrooms to the murky waters of the fishing industry. Get comfortable, turn up the volume, and LETS’S dive...

Upcoming Spring Semester

Preparing for a new semester

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iPhone Reaches its End

iPhone Reaches its End

By: Nathan Navida Gerald Ligeralde   Apple thinks it’s ok to sell a $1000 plus flagship with minimal improvements then we should feel wholeheartedly sorry for people who buy iPhones in general. After the release of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, the race for...

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