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Estoy orgulloso de ti | I am proud of you

Palomar College graduate Magaly Guzman Sosa, originally from a small rural town in Oaxaca, Mexico is now in graduate school earning a doctorate in Integrative Neuroscience.

The Women’s Basketball Team is fired up for another season

Head Coach, Leigh Marshall gives us a glimpse into the intensive training that defines a Comet and shares her hopes for the season.

Toy drive for the holidays

Palomar College’s Veterans’ Resource Center

SAN MARCOS – Palomar College’s Veterans’ Resource Center serves students who have served their country.

Tales From Vietnam; In Honor of Veteran’s Day

SAN MARCOS – There are currently over 200,000 veterans living in San Diego County, around 60,000 of them are veterans of the Vietnam War. Many still serve their military and Veteran communities to this day.

Michelle Rains is Winning Against Incumbent Kartik Raju

THUMBS DOWN – Kartik Raju is more experienced and engaged in the Palomar community than Michelle Rains is, and was arguably the most congenial of all six of the candidates we interviewed. He should NOT be losing the Governing Board race. He’s served a year on...

The Campus Atmosphere isn’t Very Simulating

THUMBS DOWN – I don’t know that we are doing enough to coax students back for just the pure joy of early college life. Maybe it is the lack of noise on campus that makes me worry that the same collaboration and camaraderie can be created in online and hyflex...

Palomar College Supports Undocumented Students

THUMBS UP- Once again, Palomar has shown its commitment to helping students improve their lives and achieve their goals, regardless of their background. From Oct. 17-21 the college held an Undocumented Student Week of Action. The weeklong event featured workshops for...

California Votes Yes to Protecting Abortion, No to Gambling

Propositions give power to voters and determine the state's constitution and law

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