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“Cunk on Earth” is Hilarious

If you find mockumentaries amusing, check out "Cunk on Earth" on Netflix.

Palomar Concert Band is Bringing the Roaring 20s into the 2020s

Saturday, March 25th at 7pm. Join the band for a nostalgic night of celebration, featuring classic music and performances by the Palomar Tap and Jazz Dance Troupe.

Health Care Includes Mental Health

The Palomar Health Center, which includes Behavioral Health Counseling Services is a valuable resource at Palomar College The backdrop of the pandemic cannot be overlooked. 6.8 million people have died from COVID-19 to date according to the World Health...

Dear High School Students, Sincerely, A College Student.

The "college party scene" in movies is actually just a classroom full of exhausted students trying not to fail a test.

The Influence of Social Media Trends

Social media trends influence the public in different ways, from buying products to bringings awareness to nonprofit organizations.

Women’s History Month Events at Palomar College

The Telescope interviewed Gabby Le, president of the Women's Gender and Studies Club, to discuss events taking place to celebrate Women's History Month.

Is Artificial Intelligence Bad News for Artists?

A.I. art has risen to popularity, thanks to photo editing apps like Lensa AI, but is its new popularity a bad sign for artists?

Is Palomar College Counseling Department doing their Job?

Can Palomar's counseling department make life more simple when trying to transfer and get an appointment?

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