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Crowdsourcing: Is It Helpful?

Story by Cori McCarthy  Spoilers in this story from the Netflix Show, “Diagnosis.” Crowdsourcing is an idea that people either really love, or they really don’t agree with. In these past few months, I have been doing my own research on whether crowdsourcing is...

The Keystone XL Is Eliminated, While Creating Fiery Opposition.

Story by Victor Ortiz Jr. An executive order voided the controversial Keystone XL pipeline permit initiating legal action against the Biden administration.  President Joseph Biden made his first move regarding the climate change crisis on Jan. 20 by eliminating the...

Tips For Beginning Surfers

Story was written by MaKenna Manti As warm temperatures start rising on the west coast, more people flood California beaches. Half of the beach goers are families and friends looking to relax, but the other half are in the water with the dolphins surfing. If you are...

What Is Next for Former Palomar College Student Ambassadors

Aimee Perez, Crystal Figueroa and Kory Nokes have helped support students’ needs at Palomar College and most of them are looking to do the same at the next college they attend. To be elected as a student ambassador at Palomar College, candidates need to stand up...

Kevin Michaels: From Comet to Aggie

Kevin Michaels, Palomar Comet infielder, has recently committed to continue his baseball career at UC Davis!

Palomar Softball Will Be Back on the Field

San Marcos — On March 22, Palomar’s softball team was able to return to campus and begin practicing again. Since their season was canceled for more than a year, the players are eager to get back on the field. With guidelines in place, the team is in its first...

College Coaches Struggle to Recruit During the Pandemic

College coaches are struggling to recruit student-athletes and plan their teams' future due to the pandemic.

The 2021 NBA Trade Deadline Biggest Moves

Today was the NBA Trade Deadline and a lot of great players are going to different teams.

California Set to Reopen Theme Parks and Large Venues

Theme parks, sports and entertainment venues all on track to reopen by April 1.

Justice League: ‘Snyder Cut’ Preview

Gear up Detective Comics (DC) fans, the highly anticipated Zack Snyder version of Justice League is finally here!

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Five-Year Plan: The Future of Palomar’s Budget

Story by Aimee De Luna, Giovanni Vallido and Matthew Villapando As Palomar works to solve a budget crisis that left the school assigned to a fiscal officer, the budget for the future is more important than ever. Palomar’s multi-year expenditure projections for the...

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Remote Work: A Necessity in the Digital Age

Remote Work: A Necessity in the Digital Age

Working from home became a social norm in 2020. If you have a job that you perform remotely without needing to go to an office or a job site, companies should give you the option of working remotely rather than requiring you to work on site. During the COVID-19...

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