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Palomar College witnesses the 2024 solar eclipse

Students, Staff, and locals looked up at the sky on the morning of April 8 to witness the solar eclipse.

The San Diego Padres expand Gallagher Square

A new terrace, picnic area, and playground have been added to the ballpark as an expansion of Gallagher Square.

Life’s but a Dream in Palomar’s Cariño Dream Village

It’s been almost seven months since the opening of Palomar College’s Cariño Dream Village last September. Faculty and students discuss its progress, accomplishments, and how dreams can take place even as they wake.

2023-24 Men’s Basketball Season Recap

A season filled with highs and lows, the 2023-24 Palomar Men's Basketball recap.

Telescope Talks: Rating Palomar’s Food Court

From 0 to 5 stars, The Telescope staff give their opinions on new food court options for the spring 2024 semester. Editors Rachel Hyman, Sofia Alvarez, and Alex Ortega dive into all things taste-testing and star-ratings for this episode of Telescope Talks. The student...

Crazy for “Crazy for You”

Lively and delightful, Palomar’s production of “Crazy for You” was a worthwhile musical comedy romp.

Evolving Standards Discussed at Curriculum Committee Meeting, March 20,2024

Curriculum Committee Staff and Faculty discussed future math and English classes in Palomar's upcoming curriculum.

ASG Votes to Support LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity, Human Trafficking Awareness, and More

The Palomar ASG board members held a special meeting to tentatively vote on how they plan to approach the upcoming Student Senate for California Community Colleges General Assembly.


How did Palomar College jump back from COVID-19 after having such an empty campus for so long?

Padres, Angels, Dodgers 2024 MLB Season Preview

Taking a look at Padres, Angels, and Dodgers ahead of the 2024 MLB season.

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