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What Next Semester Holds for Palomar Cheerleading

After winning third place at the USA Nationals Cheerleading competition and participating in game day sideline cheering all spring semester, Palomar Cheer is already getting ready for the next semester.

The U.S. Government Needs to Act Their Age

There are certainly better options than men in their 80s, so why do we continue voting them in?

There’d be no Palomar without them; the Classified Employees union

People may know that professors and counselors are a part of a union, but what about the custodians? What about the people who make Palomar schedules? What about the computer technicians? Well they do too.

Palomar speech and debate display talents in 78th annual Spring Showcase.

Palomar speech and debate has been active since Palomar first opened in 1946. Recently, they went to Dublin, Ireland to compete in the International Forensics Association Tournament tour.

The Case For and Against

Is reliable? Does that outlook change between students and faculty, and are there any other alternatives?

A Look Inside the Women’s Basketball Team

The women's basketball team discusses the highs and lows over the past season and where they find their inspiration.

Telescope Talks: Colorism in the Latinx Community

Latinx stories range far past black and white. The Telescope staff invited Umoja president, Janelle Harvey for a conversation on the colorism experiences within the Latinx community. This episode of Telescope Talks was produced by Monica Garcia and Kaylin Garcia;...

The Fashion Department is leaving, but Comet’s Closet will stay.

SAN MARCOS – The fashion program is on the way out, but they plan to leave their legacy behind. After an administrative decision, Palomar’s Fashion Department is moving to the Rancho Bernardo campus. However, they decided to keep their free clothing bank,...

Telescope Talks: PTK’s Hopes for a Palomar Honors Program

Staff writer Johnny Keeling sits down with PTK representatives Kengo Hotta and Bre Chacon to discuss their ongoing plans to start an honors program at Palomar. For more information on the honors program or how to get involved, contact Kengo at or...

Unlocking The Truth Behind The New Food Lockers

When new services are added to Palomar's line up, understaffing becomes increasingly evident.

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