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Thumbs Up Thumbs Down: Palomar Puente

Thumbs Up: Palomar Puente

Palomar Puente offers a community for Latinx/Chicanx students to feel welcomed.

It is the start of the semester and students are flooding in. Sometimes with no direction, students may feel alone or in need of guidance.

It is very common for Latinx students to struggle with finding connections, as many people don’t relate to the struggles faced with being Latinx/Chicanx. Puente offers an amazing and welcoming community for Latinx/Chicanx to openly express their love and passion for the culture.

Without judgment, Puente accepts everyone. Even if they are from different ethnic backgrounds, learning about the Latinx heritage is for everyone.

Finding your click with a counselor is going to be the one of the strongest assets to academic success. Cynthia Cordova, Puente counselor, has helped Puente students reach their academic goals.

Being able to find your community and a counselor who genuinely understands where you’re coming from on a personal level, will only motivate you to pursue your dreams.

Puente is more than a group, it’s a family. Puente is a great way to further your academic journey and spark new opportunities.

Interested in joining Puente or meeting with a counselor? Click below to learn more:

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