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Palomar food options on campus

SAN MARCOS — At Palomar College, a new restaurant opened this semester offering a variety of options students can choose from. These options including a coffee shop in the cafeteria and burger place in the food court. What’s nice about the burger restaurant is that their menu changes throughout the day.

Elijah Wagner, a student here at Palomar, is impressed with the wide selection of food options available on campus this semester. Wagner said, “I’m honestly genuinely surprised by them, I just got a matcha lavender latte from the coffee shop, super good baked goods and the drinks are really good.”

Wagner said, “I also just had a double smashed burger from the little burger joint and it was really good and was surprised, it was cheap and affordable but also delicious.”

Palomar student Colin Melendez, was surprised with the latest variety of options on campus this semester. Melendez mentioned that his favorite meal to get from the food court is the double smashed burger. His only concern with our food selection is the prices for students.

Another Palomar student Mick Resenor, was disappointed with the food options on campus. Resenor said, “I prefer going off campus to get food… we should bring back the food trucks.”

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