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Online student, Full-time worker, Palomar Student Kyle Helm.

Online student and full-time employee Kyle Helm shares some thoughts on Palomar College.

The Telescope spoke to Helm about his experience here at Palomar. Helm is majoring in psychology and plans to transfer to a UC or CSU school to continue his education.

“Over time, as I continue with Palomar, I developed more of an interest in psychology… for me, I like understanding how different people tick. I like to study behavioral patterns, and the different ways the brain works are fascinating to me,” said Helm when asked why he chose psychology and why he was interested.

“Palomar has been great! There are countless resources provided by Palomar that any student can utilize for their benefit,” said Helm. He went on to say, “Counseling has been great. I deal with epilepsy, which prevents me from driving. The counselors I have talked to have provided me with resources and advice on how to work out certain problems that I face.”

Helm has benefited from the counseling department here at Palomar and credits them for some of his success as a student at Palomar.

Helm doesn’t physically attend Palomar on campus; instead, he takes only online classes. He said, “Online classes work better for me individually; I could easily balance work and school by doing them online.”

Outside of his classes, Helm works a full-time job at a pizza restaurant where he has been for a few years. He also enjoys playing the guitar in his free time, one of his idols being the great Jimmy Hendrix. Helm finds a way to manage working, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family while pursuing his education here at Palomar College.

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