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Getting your text books, the first challenge as a student

Getting ready for classes with the necessary material assigned from the professor is an important first step for a student’s success at Palomar.

But for some reason some students are having difficulty getting their books. Rosario Vasquez said it’s easy to find them but it’s not easy to get them. The reasons are that they are available to buy online in the bookstore but not for delivery. This period of time without the book can be stressful after the second week.

As mentioned by Vasquez, one of the books required for her nursing program is the lab book, so the professor helped by printing the first chapter. But after that the students need to figure out how to have the material.

For students like Vasquez who prefer the physical version it’s very frustrating and doubling the work trying to find someone who has the book and asking for a copy. Furthermore, it is an extra cost since the book is already overpriced, she said.

For her, this issue could be easily fixed if the professor could post the material on Canvas if the problem is that some of the books are still unavailable for purchase.

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