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Meet Debra Mendoza

Debra Mendoza (she/her/hers) is a 23-year-old student majoring in Administration of Justice who plans to transfer to CSU San Marcos. She works full time and lives with her boyfriend, and her dog, Chapo, a Frenchie.

While she did consult with a counselor, Mendoza ultimately forged her own path. She is completing her prerequisite courses at Palomar, while taking a heavier load than was suggested. This is her second semester at Palomar, where she is maintaining a 4.0.

Mendoza owns a business, Enhanced Esthetics, and works full time. “I have been a licensed esthetician for about two years now, and I specialize in customized facials,” she said.

She started her business in March, 2023, offering services in Vista. Mendoza plans to move it to Oceanside where she can “have more space, and offer more services, and reach more clientele.”

She likes the academic environment, though it can be stressful. “It’s worth it in the end,” Mendoza said, “having fun, enjoying your classes, making friends, and learning from them,” is also part of the experience.

“I really liked how involved the professors are with students. So far I have gotten lucky with the best professors who push the students to do their best while also being understanding of their everyday lives/stress, etc.,” Mendoza said.

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