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Another week, and it’s still raining.

SAN MARCOS — Rain hit Southern California hard in the last couple weeks, and it’s looking like it isn’t going to change anytime soon.

It was only two weeks ago when the semi-viral video of a man paddleboarding through the flooded 78 freeway was passed around on socials. He looked like he was having a blast, but people going to work might’ve had a different experience.

The Telescope went to the halls and asked students how they feel about the rain to see how Palomar feels about the weather as of late.

Maya Jaramillo, whose undecided on her major, said she loves the rain. While the cloudiness and overall gloom might make some dislike the rain, Maya “kinda like[s] when it’s really clouded like this.” Being a sprinter commuter, she also didn’t have much problems getting to school.

Elizabeth Martinez, who was taking cover from the rain under a roof, said she didn’t like the rain when she’s out and about. She did give some props to the rain though and said “when I’m at home it’s, like, ok.”

Jaime Morris, who was interviewed alongside Elizabeth, called out San Diego drivers and mentioned how their driving isn’t the best during the rain. Luckily, she hasn’t ran into any bad drivers as of late. “I think we’re doing good this year.”

One aspect of the rain that Jaimie liked was that it “makes me feel like I can be a little more lazy that day and everyone else will be ok with it because they’ll be lazy too.” She would also say “and it makes my work slow.”

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