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The Palomar College Associated Student Government: Students Serving Students

SAN MARCOS — In a digitalized world one can get buried in the sea of random online voices and opinions. In this environment finding one’s voice and actually sparking positive change can be a daunting task. However, at Palomar, the Associated Student Government (ASG) is there to represent Palomar students.

From advocating for better student services to working with Palomar’s Leadership to safeguarding student interests, the ASG aims to address students’ concerns.

The ASG is a body of students who work with Palomar leadership to highlight the voices of other students. They become a channel through which the student body speaks and engages with their college, promoting a sense of community in the crazy college experience.

The Telescope spoke to several current ASG members about why they joined.

Safiya Ordonez, a current ASG delegate, said, I thought it was really amazing that we students could actually have a voice and make a difference. I wanted to be part of creating positive change and a better environment for our students.”

ASG Senator Kimberly De La Cruz said, “I first joined ASG because I wanted the opportunity to have a platform on campus where I knew that my voice mattered.”

“As students, we know what catches our attention, what issues on campus occur, and how to get the word to students beyond an endless list of emails… I like being able to make change happen on campus,” De La Cruz added.

When asked about why he joined ASG, ASG President Christopher Robin Garcia Mendez said, “I knew my voice was going to be heard.

“Your voice matters and you can have a direct say in everything,” said Mendez. He loved that the ASG was run by a diverse group who “represent all students.”

Mendez elaborated about what the ASG does for the student body saying that they work to ensure that Palomar doesn’t violate students’ rights and that Palomar “doesn’t blindside” the student body.

The ASG also works to uphold student safety and forward any concerns in the student body to Palomar faculty and the school government.

According to Mendez, the ASG has, in the past, brought student safety concerns before the Palomar school board. They specifically discussed crosswalk safety between Palomar and the Transit Center and worked with officials to implement an improved plan.

The ASG has also recently discussed the proposed increase in student health fees. Palomar wanted to raise the fee to pay for full-time mental health counselors and supply students with better access to health care.

Here, the ASG weighed in on how much the fee would increase and discussed how this would affect the student body.

So, how does a student actually get involved in the ASG?

Well, the ASG holds a meeting every Friday in room SU 204 from 11:15 to 12:30 p.m. These meetings are open to the public and often have a public comment section at the beginning of each meeting. Students can also visit their Instagram page (Instagram@palomar.asg) for announcements, updates, and upcoming events.

Mendez also mentioned that if any student has a concern they want addressed, they should feel free to attend an ASG meeting or reach out to him personally through his email.

Several positions in the ASG are also still available. However, there are some requirements. One must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have earned at least seven credits at Palomar.

Within the structure of the ASG, there are three basic positions: executive, senator, and delegate.

Delegates are required to be involved in ASG Board meetings and some Palomar committees and councils. They can share their ideas about campus concerns, student wellbeing, etc.

Safiya Ordonez, a current ASG delegate, summed up the responsibilities saying, As a delegate, I can bring up ideas or issues to the board, and participate in the discussion, but I do not have voting abilities. My responsibilities are to attend at least one ASG meeting a month, be a part of at least one shared governance committee, actively participate in ASG, and stay informed on our college’s policies and procedures.”

Senators are more involved in facilitating the internal committees and councils of the ASG. They also have the right to vote on ASG board meetings and work more closely with people of leadership at Palomar to achieve goals of the board.

ASG executives have even more specified responsibilities depending on the area they choose—finance, communications, and club affairs, just to name a few. They work directly with the whole ASG board and look for ways to connect with students and deeply engage with Palomar to address the students’ needs.

The ASG makes it possible to share one’s thoughts and become more involved in the school they attend. It is a place for students to meet up and discuss common thoughts, goals, and concerns, strengthening the student community and giving one a sense of purpose and involvement.

To determine eligibility, a student can email the office of Student Life and Leadership. Details about each position and the ASG registration form are available here.

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