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Construction Related Blast Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning-September 21st

SAN MARCOS– On the morning of Thursday, September 21 construction crews will initiate a controlled blast at the site of the new softball stadium scoreboard.

Contractors found a slab of solid blue granite beneath the foundation and will need to use explosives to fracture it.

Although the impact is expected to be minimal, parking lot #3 will be closed Wednesday night and all day Thursday. The Wellness & Fitness Center will also be closed from 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning because it is within 300ft of the blast site.

Students should expect to hear the warning horn five minutes before the blast. One minute after the charge has been set off the horn is scheduled to sound again.

Students should expect to hear or feel a slight rumbling, but the effects of the blast are presumed to be minimal.

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  • Palomar Softball Field Construction: Alex Ortega | All Rights Reserved

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